Mineral Foam Granules

Mineral foam granules is the name given to expanded glass, clay or stone dust, with small closed pores, which is expanded with the help of an additive. For this the mineral raw materials are combined with additives and an expansion substance is added. During the thermal process, the expansion substance provides for the development of the pore structure within the mineral foam granules.


The thermal process also provides for a reduction of the bulk weight of the original mixture from around 1,100 to 1,200 kg per cubic meter to around 200 – 300 kg per cubic meter, and an increase in volume by a factor of 2 – 3, depending on the mineral raw material.


In addition to the economic aspects, the production of mineral foam granules also satisfies an ecological aspect. Waste materials, such as old glass, are fed back into circulation for re-use.


If mineral foam granules are used as fill material, they can be re-used as fill material when deconstruction takes place again, and care is taken to keep materials separated, or they can be fed back into circulation again as raw material.



Pore structur of a granule corn


Environmental and health effects are not known. Mineral foam granules are practically indestructible, chemically stable and permeable.


Mineral foam granules content no organics.


These mineral foam granules are used everywhere where weight reduction is needed while maintaining high stability and strength of the granules