Keraglas® is manufactured out of old glass. The production of keraglas® means that old materials are brought back into circulation for re-use. This preserves natural resources and combines ecological and economic interests.


Keraglas® is characterized by shape accuracy, a high level of pressure resistance, and is unobjectionable in terms of toxicity. Keraglas® has a slight gray-green or a cream-white tone, and is shaped like a perfect sphere.


Color white/beige
Bulk density 180 - 280 kg per m³
Compression strength 5 - 10 kN
Thermal conductivity 0,07 - 0,08 W/(mK)


  • Lightweight concrete

  • Sound protection

  • Facade elements

  • Thermal insulation

  • Mortar and screeds

  • Bulk goods

  • Render and plaster

  • Building chemistry



  • Insulation

  • Sound protection

  • Wall reinforcements

  • Lightweight elements

  • Impact protection

  • Mold construction



  • Drainage

  • Filter products

  • Floating bodies

  • Coatings



  • Profile reinforcements

  • Lightweight elements

  • Crash absorber