The franchising concept of keragroup includes the building of production facilities to manufacture mineral foam granules, dry mortar and other refined products.

The objective is the interaction between local investors and structures, and the technological know-how of keragroup. Each local structure serves as future basis for the development of further steps.


Keragroup is the only enterprise in the world that can offer such a concept as this, with this amount of breadth. All of the individual aspects of the concept such as method, production facilities, products and recipes, were developed by keragroup. All products have been tested and produced in the existing pilot system, and tested in real applications. In the framework of the franchise concept, we provide each franchisee exclusively with this store of experience in the development, manufacture, production, and in the marketing of such products and applications.


The concept accompanies the franchisee from the initial idea, through development, right to the building and operation of the production facilities. Embedded in the franchise system, the specialists of keragroup are permanently available to all franchisees for all relevant questions. The franchise system of keragroup represents a win-win situation.

In addition, the system makes available to the franchisees all the necessary operation processes, recipes of the expanded mineral granulates and the dry mortar, and the associated brand rights.


In addition, keragroup will make available to the franchisees two production facilities for the manufacture of expanded mineral granulates, for training and instruction purposes, and for research and development projects.


Keragroup is the only globally active franchising concept in the area of the building of production facilities for expanded mineral granulates, which offers all services, from the idea through the development of the systems, right to commissioning into operation, and which has already been successfully implemented in the market.



The franchise conception includes typical elements like:

  • Corporate appearance ,

  • Exclusive patents, rights, products and marks,

  • R & D production plants exclusively for our franchisees,

  • Process and plant engineering know-how,

  • Corporate software and controlling,

  • Corporate quality management and audits,

  • Coaching and training.