Dry Mix Production

keramix is, on one hand, dry mortars such as plasters, screeds and building products with chemical characteristics, and on the other hand, refined products based on our expanded mineral granulates. The objective of keragroup is the comprehensive structuring of the local concepts, which comprises both technological aspects such as patents and know-how, as well as the production of refined products and the marketing of these.


Because of our permanent presence in the market, careful observation of trends, as well as ongoing research and development work, we can offer innovative, practice-oriented system solutions.


By this we mean construction materials of the best brand-name quality, which offer the user added value because of their high level of efficiency and their optimal ratio of price to performance.


The interaction between granule production and dry mortar production at one location facilitates market leadership in terms of know-how and system solutions.





Keragroup makes the following services available within the franchise conception:

  • Modular or custom-designed production facilities

  • Turnkey project by keraplants GmbH

  • Recipes and the setting at the facility

  • Exclusive products through the use of granules

  • Production plant PA 30

    Manuel plant with a capacity of 30.000 m³/shift/a

  • Production plant PA 60

    Semi automatic plant with a capacity of 60.000 m³/shift/a

  • Production plant PA 160

    Fully automatic plant with a capacity of 160.000 m³/shift/a