The climate change which is apparent in the world will have an important influence on the actions of mankind in coming years. Decisive factors such as energy efficiency, energy reduction and CO2 reduction will have a sustained influence, in particular, on the global construction sector.


Keragroup has developed a concept in which these decisive factors form the basis for the development of new structures. The know-how of keragroup, as well as our products, patents and methods help to meet the requirements made by global needs.



Keragroup offers a integral approach in the development of decentralized concepts, and the development of production facilities for expanded mineral granules, dry mortar and other refined products which are based on mineral foam granules.

In addition to the actual development of the production facilities, the integral approach also comprises the creation of local concepts, the creation of feasibility studies, the basic engineering, the commissioning, the basic education and the training of all employees, as well as the permanent care and support for the developed structures in the framework of a franchise system.


Our goal is to build a global enterprise structure comprised of our own companies and holdings, as well as to build franchisees within our system. The areas of focus lie in the still-developing regions such as Russia, Arabian countries, Asia with India and Pakistan, South and Middle America, and the East European countries. But we are also open to all innovative approaches in other regions.


The partners of keragroup represent an enormous amount of experience in the development of projects with multifaceted approaches. Within the partner structure, as well, we have an international approach which is comprised of multiple nationalities and companies. The partners of keragroup are active internationally.