As innovative enterprise, Keragroup orients itself to the integral approach in the development of a concept. In addition to technological implementation, this also includes the integration of the areas marketing, training and instruction, and personnel management.


Employee motivation and training are the most important aspects within a globally active enterprise. The keragroup franchising system has made its goal to offer all employees in the individual production facilities the same high quality range of training services.


As service provider within keragroup, keraconsult represents the link between the technologically possible, and that which is economically realistic. The WIN-WIN situation of all companies participating in the concept forms the foundation for mutual trust and for long-term economic success.


The creation of a feasibility study helps all project partners in the basic investment decision. Keraconsult examines all of the fundamental data and, based on this, demonstrates the feasibility, practicability and sustainability of the project.





Furthermore we focus on the following areas: 

  • Mission oriented research

  • Environment compatibility screenings

  • Planning and technical steering of a research project

  • Product innovations

  • Process and production optimization